Our mission is to restore independence to children and their parents through education, advocacy, and reform.



We believe that parents should be allowed to empower their kids to properly assess risk and choose activities for them that encourage them to become progressively more independent WITHOUT the fear of Child Protective Services or law enforcement interviewing their children without their consent or otherwise threatening the parents with legal action or with taking away their kids.

We KNOW that the world today is generally a much safer place than it was when we were kids, and that incidents of child abduction, abuse, and murder are all far below the levels they were when we roamed freely through our surrounding neighborhoods as kids ourselves.

We believe that in order to teach kids to assess risk, they must be given opportunities to do so. We trust our kids to make good decisions with the proper preparation and guidance, and we believe they are capable of developing sound judgement.

We also believe that current law on this subject is too restrictive, and does not empower either law enforcement or Child Protective Services with the independent judgement required to focus on REAL child neglect and abuse.

We support the movement known as Free Range Parenting and its founder, Lenore Skenazy, who is also one of Empower Kids America's founding board members.

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Our vision is for children and parents to enjoy streets, parks, and other spaces independently and without fear of harassment, censure, or arrest.

Empower Kids America has two main areas of effort:

1. Education and advocacy to "renormalize" childhood independence and freedom of movement.

2. Reforming child welfare practices and policies which treat the absence of adult supervision as automatic and/or sole grounds for neglect investigations, regardless of cause.